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The Academy Awards, or Oscars, have been a long standing tradition in Hollywood for decades.  The Oscar is the most coveted award for anyone in the film industry.  The talents of actors, filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, costume designers, composers, make-up artists, and so many more are honored every year by the Academy.  But there is one group in Hollywood who is continually left out.  Without their talent, skill, dedication, and magic, Hollywood could not exist, and yet their talents go unrecognised.  

They are the children of Hollywood.  The dedicated, amazing child actors and actresses (under the age of eighteen) who pour as much passion, soul, and art into their performances as their adult counterparts, but who's hard work gets ignored and unappreciated.  

In over seventy years of the Oscars, only five child actors have ever been honored with an award.  And of those five times, only two were under a regular category (Tatum O'Neal and Anna Paquin, both for Best Supporting Actress).  Three of the awards were honorary, or special awards, given to Shirley Temple, Margaret O'Brien, and Hayley Mills.

This should not be allowed to happen.  Hollywood could not thrive with out the talents of young actors and actresses, and they deserve the same recognition, appreciation, and honors that their adult co-stars receive.

It is time the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences began to recognise these talented actors and actresses, and to give them the honor due to them, the same honor that adult actors of equal caliber are given.  That is why we are proposing that the Academy add two new categories to the awards show this year:  

Best Young Actor in a Motion Picture
Best Young Actress in a Motion Picture

Please help us in this cause.  We need your support and involvement if we are going to be able to convince the Academy to make this change!  Below is a list of ways that you can help out, we are asking and encouraging everyone who comes across this site to participate.  It won't take long, just a few moments of your time to repay the years upon years of joy and entertainment that young actors have brought to you.  So take a moment, and please help us out!  

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Ways for you to help out and get involved:

Write to the Academy.   Although this might seem like the most simplistic answer, it has the potential to be the most effective!  Nothing works as well as the direct approach.  We hope to make this a massive letter writing campaign, flooding them with so many requests that they just can't ignore them!  Please, please write!  Tell your friends and family to write.  Send E-Mail and snail mail, both are equally effective!!!  Below are the addresses to contact The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science:

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Academy Foundation
8949 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90211-1972


Link to us.   Help others to get involved by posting a link to our page on your homepage, especially if your homepage is about anything film/tv related.  Click here to download our banner, or to copy an HTML tag that you can paste right onto your site.  The address of this site is

Sign the guestbook.  We plan on bringing this web site to the attention of the Academy, and we want them to notice how much support and interest it has received.  We hope to do that through a high counter and a full guestbook, so leave your mark and show your support!
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Contact Rosie.  Everyone knows that Rosie O'Donnell loves kids, and supports kid actors.  We are hoping that she will get involved, as well.  But first, we have to get her attention.  Write to her and let her know that you are involved in the letter writing campaign, and ask if she can help out.

Rosie O'Donnell
c/o The Rosie O'Donnell Show
30 Rockefeller Plaza Suite 800E
New York, NY 10112

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